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Black Owned Businesses & Resources
Have you thought finding diverse Speakers, Authors, Professional Service Providers & Financial Services Technology (FinTech) Providers was a challenge?

Meet our Network of Professionals!
FinTech Companies & Executives

Tedla Mekonnen, Founder & CEO – EveryIncome 

EveryIncome helps you take control of your financial health with personalized,  guided financial education and management through our unique system of tools,  information, and recommendations covering all kinds of life events and personal  finance needs.


Office: 571.370.5400

Tanya Van Court, Founder & CEO – goalsetter 

Goalsetter offers FDIC & Mastercard-backed debit cards for teens and savings  accounts for the whole family. Save simply by setting goals and getting your whole network involved in helping you reach them.


Dr. Roshawnna Novellus, CEO – EnrichHer

EnrichHer partners with corporate impact funds, foundations, and individual funders to connect companies led by women and founders of capital to capital, coaching, and community.

Office: 404.721.0216 

Rodney Williams, Co-Founder & Chief Commercial Officer – LISNR

LISNR powers transactions & connects the online to the offline customer journey  globally, with sound based technology that sends micro-communications to a variety of devices quickly and easily, allowing data to be transmitted and decoded by speakers and microphones.


Derrius Quarles, Co-Founder & CEO – BREAUX Capital

BREAUX Capital is a Black owned community & financial services company  dedicated to Black Men who help each other improve their financial health.


Office: 216.712.9600

Nate Washington, Co-Founder & CTO – Qoins

Nate and co-founder Christian Zimmerman launched Qoins to allow users to use their spare change to help pay off their debts faster. Qoins has taken a strong  stance in supporting Black people in the global movement for social justice.

Moses Onitilo, Co-Founder & CTO – Jamborow

Jamborow is Africa’s first B2B AI & Blockchain driven fintech platform focused on financial inclusion and grassroots empowerment. Jamborow is a Financial Services Technology platform providing white label solutions (SaaS) which offer access to financial services for informal, unbanked and underbanked sectors across Africa, in order to promote economic and financial inclusion.

Office: 832.855.8808

Kiley Summers, Founder – spendebt 

SpenDebt is a financial services technology company providing a micropayment debt  solution which helps to progressively payoff debt through every day purchases. The more consumers spend, the faster their debts are paid off. 


Wole Coaxum, Founder – MoCaFi

Mobility Capital Finance, Inc. (MoCaFi) is a financial services technology company that is building a trusted brand that provides underbanked individuals and small  business owners with a platform to share ideas, learn best practices and access  responsible products for a healthy financial lifestyle. 

Sheena Allen, Founder & CEO – CAPWAY

CapWay is a fintech startup providing financial access, opportunities and resources through digital banking to the financially underserved and overlooked--including the unbanked, underbanked, working poor and those fed up with the traditional banking system.

Fonta Gilliam, Founder & CEO – Invest Sou Sou 

Fonta Gilliam launched Invest Sou Sou after working for over ten years as a diplomat for the United States government in East Asia and Africa and as a Management Consultant for Deloitte's Emerging Markets Practice.


Office: 202.796.4240

Marcus Cobb, Co-Founder & CEO – Jammber 

Jammber is a distributed payment platform for the music & entertainment industries and online marketplaces allowing teams to easily share royalties or sales with each other.


Office: 844.526.6237 

Viola Llewellyn, CEO OVAMBA

The systems & processes that the teams in Cameroon, USA, Ivory Coast and India have created are deeply rooted in a desire to create wealth and a thriving business ecosystem for Emerging Market Small & Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs), especially the under-served and unbanked informal businesses for whom traditional finance is not attainable or suitable.


Office: 202.390.2165

Tope Awotona, Founder calendly

Calendly is an app for scheduling appointments, meetings and events. Its goal is to eliminate the problematic back-and-forth when trying to nail down times.  Rather than email chains and phone tag, you can send your availability with a Calendly link.


Rapier's core businesses include information technology outsourcing, system integration and consulting. They take on the tough projects that many government agencies and industries simply don't have the in-house expertise to perform.


Mobile: 980.521.7208 

Dawn Dickson, Founder & CEO  PopCom

PopCom equips entrepreneurs & brands with future-ready retail solutions that facilitate rapid retail expansion, incredible customer experiences and powerful sales data integration.

Martin Ijaha, Co-Founder & CEO – neyber

Neyber is an award-winning financial wellbeing provider that helps UK employees be better with their money. They work with employers to support financial wellbeing in the workplace via access to affordable, salary-deducted loans, a range of savings & investment solutions, and access to financial education. 


Gene Waddy, Co-Founder & CEO – D1VERSANT

Diversant is a certified minority business enterprise and is ranked as one of the Top 25 IT staffing firms in the United States. They operate 13 office locations and count over than 1,300 IT professionals supporting clients across the nation. Their service  offerings include Temporary Staffing, Contract to Hire and Direct Hire.


Office: 732.222.1250

Harold Hughes, Founder & CEO – BANDWAGON 

Bandwagon is a venture-backed identity infrastructure company that helps its  customers transparently manage, aggregate and store valuable consumer identity  data.


Office: 844.687.3267

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