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Thank you for participating in the AWD Mentoring Program

 -Please use your laptop or large tablet to read the PDFs
Research shows; a little preparation makes mentorship relationships more rewarding 
Valorie Burton

Part  1 clarify the differences between mentoring, coaching and counseling (minutes 0-5 please)

"Mentoring is advising based on your experience."

Part  2 learn specific mentoring/ mentee skills & expectations (Pages 7 through 19, a 20 minute read)

          Please note:  Both, mentors and mentees should read the checklist:

Study Guide:
  • AWD expects Mentees to set the agenda.
  • Send meeting notes to us and save them to review at the beginning of each session.
  • Do send us a note if you feel any hesitation about your mentorship so we can address/ document it. 

Part  3 the benefits to both mentor and mentee are long-lasting 

Shawn Blanchard

Part  4 Are you ready to mentor/ mentee

Thank You!

CongratulationsWelcome to the  AWD Mentoring Program!

                                                        Email us if you'd like a certificate for your records.


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