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AWD Scholarships

  • We're excited to aid AWD Members in achieving their education & professional development goals.

  • Scholarship dollars are limited, so be persuasive!

  • AWD is staffed by volunteers who work full time jobs, so be patient.

  • Member scholarship awards are approved by the AWD Executive Committee.

To apply for an AWD Member Professional Designation Scholarship, complete the form below. Describe why you need funding and how that assistance will impact your future.

You must declare a scholarship amount. The scholarship amount must not exceed the total cost of registration, preparation materials, and testing.

If your employer provides you reimbursement subsequent to successful completion of your professional designation exam, you must provide AWD with the following in addition to your scholarship application: * dollar amount of corporate reimbursement, * anticipated date of receipt of corporate reimbursement, and *date you anticipate reimbursing AWD for your scholarship award.

If your employer reimburses you, acceptance of this scholarship award assumes your reimbursement to AWD of the award amount within 12 months of receipt of the corporate designation reimbursement funds.

Thank you, and good luck!

--The Association for Wholesaling Diversity (AWD)

Professional Designation Scholarship Application

Thank you for submitting!

AWD 3rd Party Scholarships

 Kaplan AWD Member Scholarships & Discounts:
 --2 AWD Scholarships per exam cycle covering the Exam Prep course plus materials

 CFP® Exam Prep Review

 The College for Financial Planning®—a Kaplan Company helped create the country’s first financial planning credential in the industry, the CFP® certification. Based

 on years of research and evidence in how people learn most effectively, our 10-week Exam Prep Review seamlessly integrates three elements: a curation of critical

 materials and study tools live online or on-demand classes taught by expert faculty a learning platform uniquely designed to keep you accountable and on pace to

 exam day, featuring a dynamic activity feed and performance tracker.

 --2 AWD Scholarships per exam cycle covering CFP Education & Exam Prep course referenced above 


 CFP® Certification

 At the College for Financial Planning®—a Kaplan Company, which helped create the country’s first financial planning credential in the industry, the CFP®

 certification, We are proud to provide CFP® education that prepares our students to be the best financial planners in the industry.  Our seven-course program

 provides students  with the opportunity to put what they learn into practice, and even qualifies for credit toward our Master of Science in Personal Financial

 Planning. Successful completion of the program results in eligibility to sit for the CFP® exam, which our graduates consistently pass at rates  3% to 6% higher than

 the national average.  Since the March 2012 exam (when CFP Board revised the exam blueprint), more than 13,500 CFP® certificants have come from the College’s

 program. View more information about our programs in the

 Members who are not awarded the specific AWD scholarships may still apply for Kaplan's CFP scholarship.

 resources/apply-for-a-scholarship/college-for-financial-planning-a-kaplan-company-scholarship For the general scholarship, the application deadline is this

 Sunday, August 7, 2022 so there is a tight turnaround.  

 In addition the 20% discount code for Securities licensing packages, WMS, and CFP (excluding tutoring) has been live for several months. AWD members may use

 KFEW20 at checkout on our retail site.

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