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AWD Scholarships

  • It is our pleasure to assist your education and development goals.

  • Scholarships are limited by a percentage of our operating budget, so be persuasive.

  • AWD is managed by volunteers who work full time so be patient.

  • Scholarship awards are approved by the AWD Executive Committee.

To apply for a Professional Designation Scholarship, fill out the form below and describe why you need funding and how that assistance will affect your future.

You must declare a scholarship amount. The scholarship amount must not exceed the total cost of registration, preparation materials and testing. If your employer provides reimbursement subsequent to successful completion of your professional designation, you must provide AWD with the following upon receipt: Dollar amount of reimbursement total, date of receipt of reimbursement, and date you anticipate remittance of scholarship. If your employer reimburses you, acceptance of this scholarship award assumes your reimbursement to AWD of the award amount within 12 months of receipt of scholarship award funds.    

Thank you and Good Luck! 

Professional Designation Scholarship


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