Connecting Black Wholesalers Since 2016

Our Vision:​

A financial services industry wholesaler workforce that reflects and exceeds the 12.4% African-American demographic of the United States.  

We are wholesalers helping each other succeed by:
  • Talking through situations and opportunities; strategizing together         
  • Helping youth break into the field, avoid hazards and earn success
  • We use casual discussion (text, phone, dinners) & formal development
  • If you are Black & if you are a wholesaler or aspiring wholesaler, this group is for you
  • Network with our sponsors
  • Talk with peers and mentors
AWD is for us by us
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Congratulations to our members who have recently earned promotions!

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Meet several AWD members as they reflect on what AWD means to the Black Wholesaling community.      Video Library of our Value Proposition


Diversify Your Workplace

Corporate Partners gain access to over four hundred highly skilled AWD member wholesalers via personal introduction, job board posting, participation in our virtual meetings, workshops, conferences and dinners, resume database access,

corporate mentorship, and more.

The Association for Wholesaling Diversity remains laser-focused on networking, development, recruiting, academic outreach, and 

wholesaling excellence.  Learn more.