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Connecting Black Wholesalers Since 2016

Our Vision:​

A financial services industry wholesaler workforce that reflects and exceeds the 12.4% African-American demographic of the United States.  

We are black wholesalers, helping each other succeed by:
  • Helping black students & career changers break into the field, while avoiding hazards & earning success.
  • Casual discussion (text, phone, dinners) & formal development in order to mentor and nurture.
  • Networking with industry employers and COIs.
  • Candid discourse with peers, mentees, and mentors.
  • If you are Black and a wholesaler or aspiring wholesaler, you are a member of this organization.
AWD is for us by us.

AWD Wholesaler Development Program

AWD is: Community, Development, Advancement, Recruitment

AWD National Conference

AWD Member Resources

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