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Following our Complimentary Resume & Career Workshop for AWD Members & Students in APril 2021, world-class Career Coaching firm, Franklin Paterson, Inc. has entered into a strategic partnership with the Association for Wholesaling Diversity to provide comprehensive Career Coaching Services to all AWD Members and Students.

Dues Paying Members receive $100 off any Franklin Paterson Career Coaching service, which include:

Resume' Writing / Review

Interview Coaching

Career Strategy Consulting

and much more!

Thank you Franklin Paterson, Inc. CEO, Janis Ransom for this amazing partnership!


Wholesaler Masterminds donates to AWD!

Since 2009 (hard for us to believe!), Wholesaler Masterminds® has been churning out content with one goal in mind: to help good wholesalers become great wholesalers. Toward that end, and if you not familiar with our work, these links will assist you:

--Our Blog has over 400 posts and can be visited here:

Pro tip: you can search for any topic on our site using the search icon (upper right from any page) or, still more ninja-like, Copy and Paste this search string into Google and replace the word TOPIC with anything you wish (e.g. closing, follow-up etc.): TOPIC

--We have recorded over 200 podcasts, The New Wholesaler Masterminds® Radio Show. Most of them are interview format with industry leaders, author, speakers and assorted subject matter experts (many of whom have written articles to accompany their shows):

Pro tip: Rather than using Apple Podcast app, we use Overcast for a far superior podcast experience:

--Our Wholesaler Masterminds® LinkedIn Group has a ton of content, much of which is third party (not found on our website):

--If videos are your preferred medium, check out our Wholesaler Masterminds® YouTube Channel here:

Here's our promise: regardless of where you are in your wholesaling journey today (seasoned external veteran all the way to newly-minted internal) we have content that will improve your practice.

And, if you want to explore more personalized assistance, visit our Coaching options here:


Rob Shore Founder + CEO Wholesaler Masterminds® 888-508-5010 Visit Listen to The New Wholesaler Masterminds Radio Show podcast


Thank you Franklin Templeton for your generous sponsorship of our November 2020 AWD Virtual Assembly!

Maria Diaz, David Bel, CFP®, CIMA®, Quinton Spratt, LUTCF, MBTI and Richard Raimondo, thank you for joining the Association for Wholesaling Diversity us to clearly outline the Franklin Templeton commitment to and advocacy of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in the #financialservicesindustry at large and #financialservices

#wholesaling in particular.

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