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Wholesaler Masterminds Supports AWD

Wholesaler Masterminds donates to AWD!

Since 2009 (hard for us to believe!), Wholesaler Masterminds® has been churning out content with one goal in mind: to help good wholesalers become great wholesalers. Toward that end, and if you not familiar with our work, these links will assist you:

--Our Blog has over 400 posts and can be visited here:

Pro tip: you can search for any topic on our site using the search icon (upper right from any page) or, still more ninja-like, Copy and Paste this search string into Google and replace the word TOPIC with anything you wish (e.g. closing, follow-up etc.): TOPIC

--We have recorded over 200 podcasts, The New Wholesaler Masterminds® Radio Show. Most of them are interview format with industry leaders, author, speakers and assorted subject matter experts (many of whom have written articles to accompany their shows):

Pro tip: Rather than using Apple Podcast app, we use Overcast for a far superior podcast experience:

--Our Wholesaler Masterminds® LinkedIn Group has a ton of content, much of which is third party (not found on our website):

--If videos are your preferred medium, check out our Wholesaler Masterminds® YouTube Channel here:

Here's our promise: regardless of where you are in your wholesaling journey today (seasoned external veteran all the way to newly-minted internal) we have content that will improve your practice.

And, if you want to explore more personalized assistance, visit our Coaching options here:


Rob Shore Founder + CEO Wholesaler Masterminds® 888-508-5010 Visit Listen to The New Wholesaler Masterminds Radio Show podcast

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