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Updated: Jun 3, 2021

An especially robust THANK YOU goes out to the brave & noble warriors who FOUGHT those particular enemies of the United States—confederates & nazis.

Thank you to those giving their lives to STOP these singular enemies who came closest to completely ruining the beautiful dream that is the USA and a world where good triumphs over evil.

I apologize honorable warriors, for so many US citizens and members of your nation’s congress who now fly the flags and/or embrace the ideologies of our nation’s sworn enemies. The exact same enemies you DIED fighting against.

I’m extremely sorry that so many US citizens & congresspeople willfully turn a blind eye and make excuses for these traitors.

Your battles were won yet the war continues and actual patriots will never stop fighting for the same things you fought for.

Thank you again heroes. Your sacrifices will never be forgotten.

We will never allow traitors to subvert your precious & dutiful principals with lies. We will never stand for confederates & nazis co-opting your imagery, symbols, and mantras.


Slavery, Fascism & Evil...NEVER!!!

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