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Please join us in thanking Equitable for their amazing efforts to support AWD's mission in 2021! Incredible work Equitable & Equitable Advisors for committing to concrete, measurable metrics for hiring, promotion and retention of black employees. AWD is proud to partner with you. Your Foundation's generous donation of $25,000 and 60 hours of Consulting to our cause is truly inspiring!


Updated: May 25, 2021

Please join the Association for Wholesaling Diversity in thanking Brighthouse Financial's SVP, Head of Life & LTC Distribution Melissa Cox for her ongoing commitment to hiring, retaining and promoting the absolute best talent, due in large part to her firm's insistence on a diverse talent pool for every open position. Thank you 2021 AWD PLATINUM SPONSOR Brighthouse Financial for your generous $25,000.00 Donation and extraordinary commitment of time & wholesaler development resources over the coming months to our members. We're proud & grateful to have you as partners on this mission!


Updated: May 16, 2021

The Association for Wholesaling Diversity thanks Jackson for their generous 2021 Gold Sponsorship of our organization and its mission!

Thank you Amanda Garcia-Williams for promoting & strengthening Jackson's ongoing commitment to #DEIB each day!

Special Thanks to Damon Shackelford (He/Him) & Cecil Brown for your outstanding AWD Member & Student April 2021 Workshop on "#Resume, #Interview & #Career#BestPractices in the #FinancialServicesIndustry!"

Very Special Thanks to Abrianna "Bri" Means & Alyssa Macon for leading Jackson's BRAG #VIBE: Visions In Black Excellence and directly supporting the AWD Mission of #ZeroBlackUnemployment!



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